WEGOTCHA works hard to optimize your wall coverings.
WEGOTCHA is skilled in removal of existing product.
WEGOTCHA services can also include wall preparation or installation.
WEGOTCHA is ready to assist you achieve the ideal look and feel for your environment.
WEGOTCHA  also offers expertise in wallcovering options such as:
Noise Reduction Coefficient,
Companion Wallcoverings,
and specialty finishes such as Tedlar®  finishes by DuPont™
Mural walls, digital prints and more.Whether your needs include removal, wall preparation or installation, we are ready to help with your project.

WEGOTCHA has over 30 years experience in wall covering and wallpaper.
WEGOTCHA guarantees the highest quality installations in the wall covering and wallpaper trade.
WEGOTCHA has installed wallcoverings or wallpaper on over 100,000 walls.
WEGOTCHA has installed wallcoverings or wallpaper of more than 400 different materials.
WEGOTCHA has installed wallcoverings or wallpaper on walls of all different shapes and sizes from nooks to hotel atrium areas.
WEGOTCHA finishes and trims your surfaces to present a seamless flowing appearance to your decor.

S e r v i c e s 

​​​​P r o d u c t s

We Gotcha Covered LLC provides a 3m Di-Noc endorsed installation.  With our knowledge and expertise as professional paperhangers, your wallpaper installation will look as intended and how you envisioned.  No matter what wall coverings are specified for your project, let the surface pros at We Gotcha Covered LLC  help with all your wall covering installation needs.   Together we will achieve the beautiful finished product you imagined.

WEGOTCHA works with simple to exotic wall coverings.  WEGOTCHA is one of the few  3M™ endorsed installers of  DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes - Interior Design  Solutions, and 3M™ Fasara films.  WEGOTCHA offers over 500 designs in  3M™ DI-NOC™ finishes ranging from the warmth of  DI-NOC™ wood grain, to the sleek feel of DI-NOC™ metal, to the       DI-NOC™ look of dry carbon fiber,
to the cool look of DI-NOC™ natural stone.  DI-NOC™ Architectural surface finishes installed by WEGOTCHA offer infinite design possibilities.  Over 500 surfaces to choose from‚ DI-NOC™ Architectural & Glass Finishes, 3M Window Film, 3M Leather Finishes, Whiteboard Finishes & More.We work with simple to exotic wall coverings and are 3M endorsed installers of DI-NOC and Fasara films.

We Gotcha Covered LLC 3m Di-noc Endorsed Installation   Scottsdale, Arizona  (800) 430-7292

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